Arkansas Roofing Products And Services – Hiring A Good Contractor And Avoiding Roofing Scams

When it comes to roofing, building owners should do their best to hire a local contractor. In Arkansas, roofing products and services are provided by many companies that can be easily found using online resources. But before contacting them, it is important to perform a check on them, just to be sure that they are reliable, and also to select the best one for your roofing project.

  • Look for appropriate certification and credentials

Keep on your list only those roofing contractors that are licensed and certified, with several years of experience in this business.  Those who have experience in roofing Fort Smith AR homes preferrably.

  • Types of licenses in the state of Arkansas

Roofers must have a license to be allowed to do work that costs over $2000. If the work is more expensive, the requirements change. Roofing contractors which perform work over $2000 and under $20,000 must have a Home Improvement License. Also, those companies who take projects over $20,000 (including commercial work) must have a Contractor’s license. The State of Arkansas also requires expert roofers to have a General Liability and Workers Compensation policy.

  • Contact several companies and get information

It is important to contact more than one roofing contractor, to be able to compare them and choose the best option for your needs. Discuss your project in details and get free estimates. Check the companies with the Better Business Bureau and with local roofing products suppliers; you will be able to get some useful information about your roofers` credibility, financial standings etc.

Do not trust any contractor that asks for a high percent of money up front.  Make sure that all the roofing materials have been delivered and the roofing project has been accomplished before paying out for them.

  • Ask for warranties (the manufacturers’ warranty and the labor warranty)
  • Ask how long the roof installation or replacement will take

Do not sign a contract with a company that needs more than a couple of days to finish your roofing project

  • Make sure that the company knows and is willing to respect the local building codes

The threat of roofing scams unfortunately exists anywhere, but by simply following the above steps before signing a contract building owners will be protected, even if they do not have extensive knowledge of roofing.

The “contractors” who are only looking for money and taking advantage of clients can be recognized. Most of them appear as door-to-door “specialists” offering free inspections of the roofs, but up there they will fabricate damage just to manipulate you to buy their services; others are disguised in companies that ask for down payment or add unforeseen costs; always make sure that the contract doesn`t allow them to do so. Some scammers are even traveling across the country in areas that have been recently hit by storms and promise low prices for roofing projects, but in reality, they will provide very low-quality work before vanishing away.

These are only some types of scammers and there are undoubtedly lots of others.  However, just like anywhere else, in Arkansas, roofing products and services can be the best if building owners do their homework properly and keep their eyes open.