How Can I Find A Reliable Longmont CO Roofer for My Home or Business?

Longmont roofers

Reliability is among the most important qualities to look for in a roofing contractor – whether you need a specialist for the roof on your home or on your commercial building, you need to be able to trust your contractor’s knowledge, experience, helpfulness and willingness to provide solutions to any issues that come up during the roof installation or repair process. Here are some tips to help you find a trustworthy contractor in Longmont CO.

Research Local Roofers

The first step toward finding the right roofer is some research to identify available contractors. You can ask around among your friends, neighbors and family to get recommendations or you can enter a quick query into your internet browser. Take the time to check the websites of local roofing companies – most roofers use their websites to provide useful information about their specialties and their experience. It is a good idea to check whether the roofers you are screening have any certificates obtained from roofing material manufacturers – if they do, it means that the roofer is interested in learning about new roofing materials or technologies.

Prepare Your Questions

The next step is to figure out the questions that you want your roofer to answer during a personal meeting. Longmont roofers confirm that the most important topics should include the following:

  • the roofer’s license and insurances – most states require roofing companies to carry a state-issued license and mandatory insurance policies, so don’t consider a contractor that is not properly licensed and insured;
  • the roofer’s experience and references – you need Longmont roofers that have long experience in the type of roofing project that you have, so ask to be shown a portfolio and request references as well;
  • the roofing process – ask Longmont roofers to tell you about the steps of the roofing work, from the initial site preparation all the way to the clean-up at the end of the project and the disposal of the waste generated during the process;
  • the price – not all roofers work for the same rates so finding out how much your roofing project will cost you is very important. The best way to know your costs is by requesting cost estimates in writing.

Scheduling Meetings

Establishing personal contact is essential – the way the roofers talk to you, the way they answer your questions will reveal a lot about their personality. During the meeting, present your roofing project in as much detail as possible or, even better, have the meeting at the job site to allow the roofer to see what you are talking about. At the end of the meeting, request for the detailed cost estimate.

Compare the Cost Estimates

Ideally, you need three or four estimates to be able to make an informed decision. Take the time to compare the estimates in terms of the quality of the materials to be used, the duration, the services included as well as in terms of pricing. After you pick your roofer, make sure to include all the details of your agreement into a contract – you can either use the contract provided by the roofer or you can use a document that you prepare, the important thing is to have all the relevant details included.